YRSA Communications pledges to support Ukraine

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YRSA Communications pledges to support Ukraine.

We cannot remain spectators”.

Paris, London, and Monaco - March 14, 2023 - International PR and communications consultancy, YRSA Communications, has pledged to offer voluntary PR and communications support to Ukraine. The move comes as the devastating and deadly conflict, sparked by the Russian invasion, has now dragged on for over a year. This communication and marketing support will focus on the following areas:

  • Deployment of awareness campaigns on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), to inform and alert the public and the decision-makers across Europe.
  • Helping Ukrainian charitable organisations to raise funds from institutions, companies and individuals through public relations, opinion pieces and events.
  • Launching and publicising campaigns with key countries and international organisations.
  • Digital training and skills development for universities and schools in Ukraine. Young Ukrainians will need to rebuild their country and their future - according to UNESCO 3,151 educational institutions have been damaged so far in Ukraine.

Yves Romestan, President of YRSA Communications, declares: “Faced with the magnitude and barbarism of a conflict triggered by the invasion of Ukraine, we could not sit idly by, nor act alone. We plan to assist the Ukraine by offering our specialist communications skills, free of charge, to help raise awareness, mobilise authorities, secure resources and improve skills. We also have the full support of all our teams and consultants in Paris, London and Nice-Monaco. On a political level in France, we are already making progress with public decision-makers with our public affairs partner, Médiation &Arguments headed by Léonidas Kalogeropoulos, whose commitment has beeninvaluable over the past few months. Everything must converge towards a single objective: Slava Ukraini!”

Nicolas Celic, Director of Innovation and Cultural Action at YRSA Communications, comments: "As a Franco-Croatian, I believe that we are witnessing the same nightmare just a few thousand kilometres from France as that which bloodied the Balkans 30 years ago: an all-out war in Europe that targets a territory, its people, its heritage and its culture. To deny the other is the beginning of atrocities and their unforgivable justification. We hear its terrible echoes every day. It is vital that Ukraine has hope and engages inits future immediately, we had to act and contribute”.

Press contact:

Agnès Gilbert +44 77 88 97 52 06 agnes.gilbert@yrsa.fr

Nicolas Celic +33 6 84 61 30 71 nicolas.celic@yrsa.fr


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