March Recap

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Social Networks: Towards a Ban for Those Under 18/15 Years Old?

For Jared Patterson, a Republican representative in the Texas House of Representatives, it's time to ban social networks for those under 18 years old. According to the politician, the situation is comparable to what happened with tobacco. Prior to 1964, there were no studies showing the harm of tobacco, just as 12 years ago there were no studies on the harm of social networks. But now, such research exists. We now know that social networks have "led to an increase in cases of self-harm, suicides, and mental health problems," reports Jared Patterson.

In France too, French legislators are moving towards a ban on social networks for those under 15 years old. Problem: the means to effectively enforce this ban must still be defined.

49.3, Influencers Take a Stand on Social Networks

On March 23, a shift in the stance of influencers regarding pension reform in France was noticed. Traditionally, these influencers refrain from taking political positions to avoid dividing their audience. However, since the government announced the application of Article 49.3, some influencers have publicly expressed their opposition to pension reform on their networks.

ChatGPT: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Employees?

According to an American study, the answer is yes, and it's already happening. Of the 1,000 companies surveyed, half (49%) reported adopting OpenAI's chatbot. A use that led them to lay off employees.