May Recap

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Gmail Launches a Verified Badge for Businesses:

As phishing continues to multiply in mailboxes and cybercriminals do not lack creativity to impersonate brands, Google announces the deployment of a verified badge for businesses that appears next to their sender's name when a person opens their mail. The goal is to strengthen business authentication and thus offer a more secure experience for users.

Elon Musk is No Longer CEO of Twitter:

The billionaire has ceded his place to Linda Yaccarino (formerly of Time Warner, NBCUniversal...).

However, he will remain active at Twitter, focusing on "product design and new technologies".

British Vogue Highlights People with Disabilities:

In the UK, Vogue publishes its first issue in Braille for blind and visually impaired people. For the May 2023 edition, the magazine has dedicated five covers to disabled personalities, featuring activists, models, and creatives. This decision has been hailed for its ability to promote inclusivity and spark important conversations about disability in the media and society.

When YouTube Meets the Big Screen:

mk2 cinemas will broadcast #YouTube videos on the big screen, to attract more young people. It will be screenings of 2-hour videos discovered on the platform, and autograph sessions with content creators.


The New Cheaper Offer is a Hit with Young PeopleMore than six months after its launch, Netflix's new offer with ads has been a huge success, especially among young people. These people had stopped their subscription for financial reasons or simply hadn't joined the platform yet. This offer allows you to enjoy Netflix's catalog for 5.99 euros per month, 3 euros less than the ad-free offer. In return, users must agree to watch 15 to 30-second spots at the beginning and in the middle of programs, i.e., between 4 and 5 minutes of advertising per hour.