November Recap

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Twitter - The decline?

On November 25, it had been two weeks since advertisers had reduced their advertising space with the arrival of Elon Musk at Twitter. According to an analysis of Washington Post data, more than a third of advertisers did not take up advertising space on Twitter between mid and late November.

Burger King - Cyberbullying

Push notifications not very friendly. “You're ugly” “You're lame”, “You're useless” etc… are the sweet little words that the Fast Food brand was able to send to its customers to make them aware of cyberbullying.

Twitter - Certified accounts

November 7, Elon Musk launches a new wave of panic when he decides to delete all verified accounts and set up an $8 per month subscription to obtain this little blue badge. Very soon the trolls took over, buying a certified badge for creating fake brand accounts. For example, a tweet from a FAKE CERTIFIED account led to a 6% drop in Eli Lilly stock. Some $20 billion evaporated in a virtual tweet…