What is Growth Marketing?

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This is the story of the hare and the turtle. Nerd version. Without morality or bias, YRSA explains the emergence of Growth Marketing (expression used for the first time by Sean Ellis in 2010) which offers sustainable and progressive growth, with long-term investment for your business. This tool came to supplant the Growth Hacking, which favored rapid growth, by pushing customers to buy more, to renew their actions and to speak about them in record time, but to which it was accused of a lack of performance and Stability guaranteed in time.
also called growth marketing, growth marketing is a strategy that is mainly based on the use of tests and continuous monitoring to determine the best way to optimize the results of its business.

It is available in four steps:
- Determine the announcements to test and optimize
- Establish hypotheses
- Test these hypotheses by experiences
- Analyze the results collected and draw the conclusions
It is a protocol that may seem tedious compared to Growth Hacking, but which ensures the sustainability of your growth and the stability of your business.
The growth marketing is today ’Hui the tool par excellence to boost your performance and make your business grow. It increases the conversion rate and therefore the acquisition of new customers, in order to increase your sales.

but why the growth marketing is -It so effective to acquire new customers?
The Growth Marketing is based on four pillars: attract, convert, sell and retain. It combines classic marketing strategies with innovative tips: SEO and SEA SEO, A/B testing web pages sites, automation campaigns, creation of an "inbound" blog focused on content creation ... Sure, it is imperative to have established a good communication strategy upstream to reach a maximum of potential customers. Subsequently, the latter then felt the need to call on the products or services offered by your company.
Last advantage of the Growth Marketing: the ability to practice B2B (business relationship) as well as the B2C (the corporate relationship with specific). So, whether you are targeting individuals or businesses, you can adopt the Growth Marketing and get real benefits. But beware, unlike Growth Hacking, this strategy requires a constant and sustainable investment. Like piracy, Growth Marketing never stops.