July Recap

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Diet Coke - Artistic direction

on July 1, to launch its official partnership with the London Fashion Week, Diet Coke, who celebrates his 40th anniversary this year, appoints the top model Kate Moss as Director of Creation.
For the brand of the Coca Cola group, this is the first appointment of a director of the creation director for ten years. The objective is to take advantage of the company's inheritance in terms of collaboration with the biggest names in fashion, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and Jonathan Anderson.

tiktok shop-e-commerce

On July 5, the Financial Times reveals that the "Tiktok Shop" should ultimately remain a project 'embryonic state on the continental European market. The subsidiary of the Chinese group Bytedance, which had set up this digital teleshopping in the United Kingdom for a year, would have given up extending the initiative elsewhere in the West. It would only be continued in the mid-manche.
The concept of live purchases is however considered one of the sources of growth of e-commerce by social networks. YouTube and Instagram are already well established on the European market. They take a commission on each sale made. Tiktok hoped to quickly launch this function in France, Germany, Italy and Spain before expanding in the United States during the year.

Microsoft - Technology/Advertising

On July 13, Microsoft announced that it was going to manage the technology for the sale of advertising spaces on Netflix, a novelty for the Streaming platform which decided to offer cheaper subscriptions, but with advertising.
Netflix had expressed this decision in April, after a disappointing first quarter, where he had lost subscribers for the first time in ten years. The date of this service launch has not yet been announced.

2024 Olympic Games - Communication

On July 25, the organization of the Paris 2024 Games reveals the official slogan of the event as well as several elements of the calendar of the events which will take place in July and August 2024. "Let's open the games! "
Note that a hundred years ago, there was no official slogan.