December Recap

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Meta - Facebook Project

December 3, Meta announces the integration of the Facebook accounts of the 2022 presidential candidates in France in its "Facebook Project" program which aims to strengthen authentication and to detect suspicious activities more quickly. This also applies to some journalists, government officials, more generally for "groups of people most targeted by malicious actors".

Steam - Sporty Peppers

The December 29, the French start-up Sporty peppers Lancing on the online content distribution platform, rights management and communication "Steam", an online sports video game that allows physical exercise in front of your smartphone or computer. Unlike previous initiatives of this type, Sporty Peppers is distinguished by a simple and fun solution: the body is the controller. No need for equipment to jump, run, avoid obstacles. Imagined during confinement to overcome sedentary lifestyle, the game can also count on an interaction system between users to combine two objectives: physical and mental health.