February Recap

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meta - facebook news

on February 14, France becomes the 5th country where Facebook News is launched. This is a parallel news feed with information from verified sources. To do this, Facebook has signed an agreement with the alliance for the press d 'General information (APIG) which includes many regional or national daily newspapers (Le Parisien, Le Figaro, Les Echos etc…). In exchange for the use of their content, remuneration is paid.

Oscars - Public price

on February 15, Meryl Johnson, vice vice -President of Oscar Academy , announces the creation of an public prize for the 95th edition of the most prestigious film ceremony. Fans are invited to vote on Twitter "up to twenty times a day" and the bulletin will be closed on March 3, 9 days before the ceremony. The objective is to allow moviegoers to be part of the experience like never before.

media-fusion tf1-m6

February 28 , the group altice announcement in a press release to have signed two Promises to buy for two TNT channels, TFX on one side, 6ter on the other. This initiative was imperative for the fusion between tf1 And m6 may take place since the two Entities have two ten TNT channels, when the maximum authorized by law is seven. On the side of the Altice group, currently owner of bfm tv , rmc discovery and rmc story , it's a beautiful operation.