September Recap

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Zevent - Battered record

From September 8 to 11 took place the Zevent. Once again, this charitable event exceeded its expectations and collected 10,182,126 euros for five associations: Sea Shepherd, the Bird Protection League (LPO), WWF, Time for the Planet and Sea Cleaners. In addition, although the event itself made noise on the networks, the reaction of the streamers to the speech of President Macron, supporting the event, made the buzz on the internet.

Greenpeace & amp; Harvard - Greenwashing

On September 21 released a report from Harvard which revealed how social networks became the new playground for deceived communication from the fossil industry. 2,300 publications were analyzed by these Harvard researchers. Commanded by Greenpeace and entitled "Fifty nuances of Green (Washing) ”, the report shows the use of green and natural imaging by polluting industries.

Instagram - no to dick pic

On September 23, Instagram announced the use of an artificial intelligence in order to block / blur the" Dick Pic ". The platform is always developing this tool to detect nudity elements in a photo, to avoid digital aggressions regularly affecting women.

tiktok-to an in-app business

On September 28, Tiktok made a little leap forward: the description of the videos went from 300 to 2,200 characters maximum. This 730 % increase is far from random. Tiktok wants to explore video search to open the way to in-app.