January Recap

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Consumer Electronic Show - Technology

From January 5 to 7, 2022, 800 startups, 130 of which are French, participate in 54th edition of the Electronic Show Consumer in Las Vegas, Salon de l'antovation technologique. All have the same objective: gain visibility and market their solutions. The upward representation of the French flagships of technology coincides with the growing share of the revenues garnered internationally.

Instagram - new economic model

January 20 , the Instagram social network launches its first premium subscriptions, allowing users to access content, real , unpublished stories from very influential creative accounts. Costing between 99 cents and 9 euros ninety-nine according to the extent of the advantages offered by the various offers, it is a small revolution for the Meta group which gradually tends to adopt a “freemium” economic model, commercial strategy Associating a high -end and paid "premium" offer with a basic offer, free access.

Positive media - YouTube chain

a media that relays positive content And optimistic from the whole world, as a counterweight to the anxiety of traditional media. Without obscuring the real, this French media created in January 2021 by scientific students highlighted professional successes, solidarity initiatives, scientific and technological advances. January 23, the positive media has a YouTube channel . His first video “A time trip - our first positive news! "Was viewed more than two thousand times in 24 hours.