August Recap

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Instagram - Programming of publications

August 16, Instagram announces the creation of a publication planner. It will soon be possible to program your positions between 20 minutes and 75 days in advance. This new feature may be accessible only for users with a professional account activated at first. Although many people are waiting for this novelty, Instagram has not yet announced a release date.

streaming platform - Disney +

On August 18, Disney + in the United States announced the arrival of a new subscription which will include advertisements, but will be cheaper. The streaming platform born in 2019 follows the traces of Netflix which had announced, earlier in the year, the creation of a new similar package. Can we expect other platforms to follow this trend?

kellogg's frosted flakes-tony the tiger

since August 19 , and in order to expand its audience, the cereal brand is the first in the world to transform its mascot, Tony the Tiger, in vtuber (Virtual Youtuber) on the Twitch platform. The latter can now evolve in order to suit each partner or sponsor. It is therefore a real opportunity for all brands that could also present new interactive mascots in the future.