April Recap

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Twitter - Elon Musk

On April 5, Elon Musk becomes the main shareholder of Twitter , with an equity gain of 9.2 %. In the process, the social network communication team announces working on a "Correct" button, a new feature that would allow you to modify its tweets, hitherto impossible. On April 25, Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur notably boss of Tesla, bought Twitter for 41 billion euros. He announces that he wanted to reform the social network in depth, with, among other things, more freedom of expression and a stronger moderation concerning fake accounts.

Amazon - Ariane 6

amazon invests the field of space and signs, on April 5, a contract with the Société ariane space for 18 orbit shots made by Ariane 6. After her investment in IT services and more specifically in the Cloud, the online commerce company created by Jeff Bezos continues to diversify its activities.

Métiversaires - Cannes

The Palace of Festivals and the Croisette have been, since April 12, for sale at auction in the form of 3D representations in the metarers. The city will affect royalties, part of which will be donated to the endowment fund Cannes for environmental projects .

Netflix - End of account sharing

April 20, the giant Netflix sees its course collapsed 40% at the opening of the stock market, consequence of the 200,000 subscribers lost in the first trimester. To compensate for these losses, the platform intends to end the sharing of accounts, and a cheaper subscription, but with advertising.