Digital marketing vs digital communication

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often confused, these two concepts, however, occupy a completely different place within your strategy. Digital marketing is the set of actions carried out and the information collected upstream, while digital communication is the tool that allows the correct transmission of this information. Digital marketing is the hard drive; Digital communication, the USB key. YRSA tells you more about their differences and their complementarity.

1/Digital marketing:

In general, digital marketing may be defined As the analysis of the customers and the market of a company, whether through the website of your company and competing websites or social networks. its actions are based on three fundamental points : - Analysis of the Internet environment.- The definition of objectives to be achieved and the strategy to be adopted to get there .- The implementation of operational means to execute your strategy. Digital marketing offers several advantages to a company: - Direct interaction with the Customer- adaptation of the supply to demand by the personalized services proposal.- The loyalty of your customers.- Cost and budget savings- the guarantee of being accessible everywhere and at any time.

2/ La Communicatio n Digital

Digital communication is done via several channels: social networks, website, blog, mobile application or newsletters. The choice of channel depends on your target and especially on your goals. The form chosen to deliver your message (text, photo, video, etc.) is essential in your communication strategy. The stability of your notoriety on the web is based on good digital communication.

3/ Two complementary concepts

Digital marketing and digital communication are the best allies to boost the notoriety, visibility and growth of your business. Despite the fundamental difference between the two concepts, they remain complementary and almost inseparable for the proper functioning of your business and to achieve your goals. Like piracy, the alliance between marketing and digital communication never stops.