December Recap

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Amazon - Drone

On December 29, we learned that Amazon is now making drone deliveries. It was Lockeford (3,500 inhabitants), a small town in California, as well as College Station (120,000 inhabitants) located in Texas, which witnessed the first aerial deliveries of the American company. Currently two American states are concerned, but the American giant wishes to expand gradually.

Reuters Institut - Youth and social networks

On December 23, a Reuters Institute study analyzed that 40% of 18-24 year olds would use TikTok on a regular basis... and today 15% of them connect to the application in the purpose of information. This is rather alarming news for several reasons.

Twitter - Elon Musk

It was during the FIFA World Cup that Elon Musk decided to go on the attack. After suspending several twitter accounts for, shall we say, personal reasons, he decided to do a poll on Twitter to find out if “the people” wanted to see him stay on as CEO or dethrone him. More than 17,502,391 votes were tallied, and 57.5% voted for his impeachment. Again, the future of Twitter remains uncertain.

ChatGPT - Revolution?

Throughout December we heard about this artificial intelligence: ChatGPT. Some think it's great, others put it down, but no one can deny that it's a real step forward, and a solid step into the future.